µM2500 Micromanometer

µM2500 Micromanometer


The µM2500 Micromanometer is a handheld device for measuring Pressure, Velocity and Flow Rate, and is suitable for applications such as installed duct work testing. When paired with our Pitot Static Tubes, commissioning engineers can measure the performance of duct systems at any point along the system. The advanced software allows the user to configure and enter various test settings through an intuitive and user friendly interface. The µM2500 is the first hand held Micromanometer from Sensing Precision Ltd. It has been designed and developed by our Electronics Engineering team as part of the ongoing expansion of the company. With a pressure range of -2500 Pa to +2500 Pa, this instrument is ideally suited to measure differential pressure signals within duct ventilation systems as well as the air velocity and the flow rate through the system. The µM2500 benefits from an easy to use and user friendly software interface which allows the user to configure the unit as required prior to each test. Users can also connect the µM2500 to a computer via USB and stream data in real time to a console program, allowing the capturing of data which can then be saved and edited on the computer later on. While the µM2500 is a stand alone unit, by pairing the µM2500 Micromanometer with our industry leading Wilson Flow Grids or Pitot Static Tubes, the user can test even the most hard to reach and obscure sections of duct work allowing the user maximum flexibility when it is needed most. The µM2500 has a ‘Snapshot’ feature allowing the user to save test data as and when required. This test data can then be recalled by connecting the µM2500 to a USB port. Once connected via a suitable serial terminal program, the user can recall all the saved data from the instruments’ memory.

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The µM2500 can also be supplied with a light-weight travel case complete with all the accessories essential for any commissioning work. The travel case contains protective foam inside which has been specially designed to protect your instrument while traveling or on site.

Key Features of the µM2500 Micromanometer

  • Enter K-Factor (Multiplication Factor)
  • Enter Duct System Dimensions & Shape (Round or Rectangular)
  • Set Test Units (Choose from Metric and Imperial)
  • Set Ambient Temperature and Barometric Pressure
  • Adjustable Sensor Damping (1 to 8 Second Averaging)
  • Adjustable Screen Brightness
  • ‘Snapshot’ Save & Data Recall
  • On Board Real Time Clock with Calendar
  • Over 50 Hours of battery life from a standard 9V battery.
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Built in Battery Saver Option
  • USB Connectivity & Power From USB
  • Durable Enclosure with Soft Grip Sides.

[ – ] Specifications

Specification Metric Imperial
Pressure Range ± 2500 Pa ±10inwg
Accuracy ± 1% of Reading (±1 digit)
Resolution 1 Pa
Sensor Damping 0.5s – 7.5s
Units – Pressure Pa “wg
Units – Flow l/s m³/h m³/s cfm
Units – Velocity m/s ft/min
Flow Rate Format Actual or STP Compensated
Power +9V Battery / +5V USB
Battery Life 50+ Hours
Battery Level Indicator Yes
Data Storage Yes
Serial Data Ouptut Yes
Length 173mm
Width 80mm

[ – ] Applications

  • HVAC commissioning
  • Testing & Balancing
  • Pitot Tube Duct Traverse
  • Static Pressure Monitoring
  • Filters, Coils, Fans & Diffuser Performance Monitoring