Eco Tx Pressure Transmitter

Eco-Tx Pressure Transmitter


The Differential Eco-Tx Pressure Transmitter is ideal for the monitoring and management of ventilation systems, and is the perfect compliment to the highly accurate Eco-Radial Flowgrid or X-Grid range. Each Eco-Tx can be supplied fully calibrated, and setup to measure pressure, velocity or flow, at your desired operation set point or can be supplied ‘as is’. The Eco-Tx uses proven and stable Hall Effect (Tx-M1) & Silicon Based (Tx-M2) sensor technology for accurate and reliable pressure sensing performance. They can be configured for either linear pressure output, linear velocity output or linear flow output, depending on the system requirements and it has dual current and voltage outputs allowing users to simultaneously take either a current or a voltage ouput to the building controller and have a local test circuit for verification of the output reading.

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Key Features of the Eco-Tx Pressure Transmitter

  • Transmitter Outputs:
  • 2 Wire 4-20mA & 3 wire 0-10 / 5V
  • Available Units:
  • Pa, In Wg, m/s, fpm, m³/h, cfm
  • Available Configurable Ranges:
  • 0 to 25, 40, 50 or 125 Pa (Tx-M1)
  • 0 to 250, 500, 750 or 1250 Pa (Tx-M2)
  • 7 Segment 5 Number LCD Display

[ – ] Specifications

Accuracy ±1% of FS (50Pa, 100Pa 500Pa 1250Pa)
±2% of FS (25Pa, 250Pa, ±25Pa, ±250Pa)
Stability ±1% / Year FSO
Pressure Range Tx-M1 0 to 25, 40, 50 or 125 Pa
Pressure Range Tx-M2 0 to 250, 500, 750 or 1250 Pa
Temperature Limits -18 to 66 °C (0 to 150°F)
Pressure Limits 1 psi MAX (Operation). 10 psi (BURST)
Output Signals 4 to 20mA (2-Wire)
0 to 10VDC / 5VDC (3-Wire)
Response Time Averaging 0 to 240 Sec
2.5Hz Sample Rate
Loop Resistance
(Current Output)
0 to 1250Ω Max
Loop Resistance
(Voltage Output)
1KΩ Minimum
Voltage 10 to 35VDC or
Isolated 21.6 to 33 VAC (3-Wire)
Current Consumption 40mA Max
Weight 230g
Enclosure Rating IP66

[ – ] Applications

  • BMS Monitoring
  • BMS Control Systems