FlowFinder MK2

FlowFinder ® MKII


Research has proven that the Zero Pressure Compensation method is the most accurate way of measuring the airflow of supply and exhaust apertures of various shapes and sizes. The FlowFinder ® MK 2 has been Designed to allow a user to balance and commission mechanical ventilation air supply and exhausts with confidence. The lightweight construction and ease of use make learning to use the FlowFinder ® MK 2 quick and simple. It’s proven design ensure accurate and reliable results every time!

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Key Features of the Flowfinder MKII

  • Full Colour Touch Screen & Easy To Use Interface
  • High Degree of Accuracy & Responsive
  • Measurement Range of 10 m³/h – With Zero Compensation & Up To 850 m³/h – With Calculated Pressure Compensation
  • Uncertainty of Measurement Less Than 3% of the Indicated Value – With a Minimum Value of 3 m³/h
  • Large Flow Range (Supply & Exhaust)
  • No Zero-Calibration Required
  • Flow Direction is Detected Automatically
  • Operating with Proven Control Algorithm – Ensuring Excellent Repeatability & Stability
  • Lightweight & Easy to Handle

[ – ] Specifications

Airflow range (supply and exhaust) 10 – 550 m³/h with zero pressure compensation
551 – 850 m³/h with calculated compensation
Air temperature range -10 to +50°C
Relative humidity range 0 – 100%
Airflow units CFM l/s, m3/h
Temperature units °C or F
Uncertainty airflow (at 20°C) 3% of the reading with a minimum of 3 m³/h
Uncertainty temperature and humidity 0.3k and 3% RH at 23°C
Repeatability airflow measurement Better than 1%, with a minimum of 3 m³/h
Resolution airflow measurement 1m³/h, 0.1l/s, 0.1CFM
Battery capacity typically 12 hours while measuring at around 75m³/h
Weight 2230g battery pack included
Dimensions ø 260 x 350mm
Display Colour touch screen display
Dimensions straight hood 230mm x 230mm x 145mm
Memory 4GB micro SD card, USB adapter, SD adapter
Supported languages Dutch, English, German

[ – ] Applications

  • HVAC Testing
  • Adjusting and Balancing
  • Air Volume Flow Measurements Through Diffusers & Grills
  • Direct Reading of Supply & Return Airflow
  • Air Conditioning Systems with Low Thermal Resistance
  • Heat Exchange Units