Mini Cab Leakage Tester

Mini Cab Leakage Tester


Our new Mini Cab Leakage Tester 2.0 is designed to allow a user to balance and commission mechanical ventilation air supply and exhausts with confidence.The mini Cab Leakage Tester is a smaller, more compact version of our popular Stainless Steel Cab Leakage Tester.It works by pressurizing, or depressurizing, the vehicles’ cabin to a specified point, and measuring the air volume flow generated to produce a leakage rate, or ‘equivalent body hole size’. Our Mini CLT (Cab Leakage Tester) can generate up to a maximum 160l/s of airflow over the 4 different nozzle sizes of 15mm, 28.5mm , 56mm & 90mm, and is the most accurate method of measuring the air leakage rate of the vehicle cabin. We can also design and manufacture a bespoke cab leakage tester to suit most customers’ specifications! Contact Us directly, with your specifications, and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quotation.

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  • Lighter & More Compact Than Standard CLT
  • Uses New Improved Electronic Instrument & Software
  • Instrument Displays Static Pressure, Flow / Velocity, Fan Speed & More
  • Option to Save Data to SD Card or Stream via USB
  • Lighter & More Efficient EC Fan
  • Available in 240V & 110V Versions

[ – ] Specifications

Volume Flow Measurement 1l/s to 150 l/s Over Nozzle Ranges
Pressure Measurement Range ± 2500 Pa
Typical Duty Point 70 l/s at 2000Pa, 140 l/s at 500Pa
Pressure Measurement Accuracy ± 1% of reading ± 1 digit
Leakage Flow Accuracy ± 2.5% of reading ± 1 digit
Resolution 1Pa
Sensor Damping 0.5s – 7.5s
Power 400W
Voltage 230Vac 50/60Hz (or 110Vac 50/60Hz available)
Unit Size 35 (W) x 46 (D) x 80 (H) cm
Unit Weight 19kg
Carry Case (c/w Accessories) Size 45 (W) x 45 (D) x 55 (H) cm
Carry Case (c/w Accessories) Weight 13kg
Clip on Trolley Size 38 (W) x 20 (D) x 94 (H) cm
Clip on Trolley Weight 6.7kg
Optimum Operational Temp 16 – 24 Celsius
Operational Temperatures 0 – 50 Celsius
Storage Temperatures -10 – 60 Celsius

[ – ] Applications

    • Equivalent body Hole Size Testing
    • Enclosure Testing
    • Outlet Testing
    • AHU and Chilled Beam Testing