Vane Anemometer and Arrays

HD Vane Head Anemometer


This Vane Anemometer is our most robust version of the highly successful, 100mm diameter, rotating vane head anemometer. It is supplied with fully potted high temperature electronics and housed in an aluminum enclosure. Each vane head is supplied calibrated with a certificate charting its’ output in Hz versus True Velocity. Each Vane Head Array system is also supplied fully calibrated so that the indicated Velocity on the instrument display is accurately set to the actual calibrated Velocity of the vane head supplied. We also supply custom built Multi Vane Head Arrays and have recently introduced the Single Channel Vane Interface Module (VIM). The VIM is a DIN rail mountable unit which provides 3 proportional industry standard outputs. (4-20mA, 0-10V 0-5V TTL). Each VIM is calibrated to a paired Rotating Vane Head so that the output from the VIM is proportional to the paired Vane Head Output Signal. Our Multi-Head arrays are custom built to suit customer requirements and can accommodate up to 10 heads each. Options for each array unit include an alarm module, averaging module, signal conditioning module for industry standard outputs and can be made to suit either 240Vac or 110Vac mains.

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Key Features of the HD Vane Anemometer

  • 100mm Dia’ Rotating Vane.
  • Range of 0.5m/s to 30m/s.
  • Overall Dia’ of Ø106mm & Depth of 42mm.
  • Robust & Highly Successful Design.
  • Linear Hz Pulse Output Proportional to Velocity.
  • Set Calibration Points to Suit Requirements.
  • M10 Threaded Attachment Bush.
  • Range of Input Plugs & Leads.

Key Features of our Multi – Head Array Systems

  • Customizable System To Meet Customer Specification.
  • Multi-Head Averaging Module (4-20mA Linear Output to Averaged Velocity).
  • 110Vac & 230Vac Supply.
  • Signal Conditioning Modules ( 4-20mA / 0-1V Output Proportional to Velocity).
  • High and Low Level Alarm Module.

Features & Benefits of the Single Channel VIM

  • Single 24V DC or 24V AC Supply Per Module & Vane Head.
  • 3 Proportional Outputs.
  • 4-20mA, 0-10V, & 0-5V TTL Frequency (Hz).
  • Calibrated to Your Velocity Range (Max Velocity of 35m/s).
  • Simple Plug & Go Setup.
  • DIN Rail Compatible Enclosure.

[ – ] Specifications

Velocity Range 0.5 – 30 m/s
Uncertainty of Measurement ±1% of reading +1 digit* @ 25°C
Operating Temperature -20°C – 100°C
Storage Temperature -20°C – 50°C
Weight 350g
Dimensions 145(h) x 42(d) x 42(w)
Power Supply 5 – 15 Vdc
Output Signal Signal is conveyed as a DC offset on carrier waveform, simply decoded to a square wave proportional to velocity.
Nominal Values 11.7 Hz @ 0.5m/s & 435Hz @ 15m/s
Freq. Velocity Characteristic Linear
Mounting Thread Size M10

[ – ] Applications

  • Air Velocity Measurement