Eco Radial Flowgrids

Eco Radial Flowgrids


The Eco Radial Flowgrids have been developed to offer a low cost alternative to our existing range of stainless steel Wilson Flow Grids and front end devices. The enhanced, lightweight aluminum design has reduced lead times and air blockage, making it ideal for HVAC and other industries. Eco Radial Flowgrids generate an averaged signal for both the total and sub-static pressures along the length of each leg to generate a differential pressure signal that directly relates to volume flow, providing accurate and reliable outputs at a highly competitive price where other flow measuring devices might be found to be unsatisfactory.

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Key Features Of Our Eco Radial Flowgrid

  • Lightweight Construction.
  • Anodised Aluminium with Stainless Steel & Glass Filled Nylon Inserts.
  • Log Linear Positioning of the Pressure Sensing Holes.
  • Provides Minimal Blockage Rates.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free

[ – ] Specifications

Complies with Standards EN ISO 3966:2008
Sizes Available 150, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400 & 560mm Dia’.
Uncertainty of Flow Measurement ±5.0% from derived curve – ±2.0% from onsite Calibration
Temperature Range 80°C
Materials Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Glass Filled Nylon Inserts
Extras Available Ducting, Flanges, Scaled Transmitter, Aluminum Flow Straighteners

[ – ] Applications

  • Velocity Measurement
  • Static Pressure Measurement
  • Volume Flow Measurement
  • BMS Integration