Wilson Flowgrids

Wilson Flowgrid


The Wilson Flowgrid (WFG) and Wilson Radial Flowgrid (WRFG) have been manufactured since the 1960’s and have proven to be easy to install and maintain, complying with BS, ISO and EPA standards of air measurement. Wilson Flowgrids are constructed from stainless steel, Grade 321 and bespoke systems can be manufactured to meet customer specification, including High Temperature and Polypropylene systems for harsh chemical environments. They can also be supplied in duct with any flange system and flow straightener. Our flow grids (also commonly known as pitot arrays’) are manufactured into two different shapes; Rectangular Wilson Flowgrids consist of a row of vertical tubes, with alternate rows of holes facing up & down stream, measuring the total and sub-static pressures. Two tubes run horizontally, one connected to the upstream & one to the downstream tubes, generating two averaged signals. Radial Wilson Flowgrids are arranged in a similar way, only each tube protrudes from a centre boss, in which the signals are averaged. They produce average total and sub-static pressure signals to generate an enhanced velocity pressure signal, outside the duct wall, that directly relates to volume flow. Providing accurate and reliable outputs where other flow measuring stations’ are found to be unsatisfactory.

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We can provide phamaceutical grade, high temperature or other special environment grade flowgrids. Contact us directly for more info.
Below is an example of and eletro-polished phamaceutical grade radial flowgrid, in duct with flow straightner, and is specially designed and manufactured for pharmaceutical industry processes.

Electro Polished Wilson Flowgrid

  • Our Most Accurate System for the Control & Measurement of Air Flow
  • Used in HVAC, Petro-Chem, Pharmaceutical and Nuclear Around the World
  • Available in Rectangular or Radial
  • Constructed from Grade 321 Stainless Steel
  • Bespoke Systems Available for High Temp or Chemical Environments
  • 100mm dia. (Radial) to 3m Square (Rectangular) Sizes

[ – ] Specifications

Complies with Standards All relevant parts within BS, ISO and EPA
Sizes Available 100mm dia. to 3.0m square
Uncertainty of Flow Measurement ±1.0% (can be obtained)
Versions Available Radial, Rectangular, High Temperature & Contaminate Suitable Systems
Temperature Range Standard up to 80°C – High Temp up to 850°C
Materials High Temp Fully Stainless Steel
Standard Systems use Acetal Plastic in Joints
Special Systems Polypropylene Systems for Harsh Chemical Environments
Extras Available Ducting, Flanges, Flow Straighteners

[ – ] Applications

  • Velocity Measurement
  • Static Pressure Measurement
  • Volume Flow Measurement
  • BMS Integration