X and UX Flowgrids

X - UX Grids


X-Grids consist of two tubes mounted diagonally through the cross section of a duct and are easy to install and maintain. The holes in the first tube face upstream (Total Pressure), whilst those in the second tube face downstream (Sub-Static Pressure). The holes in the second tube of the UX-Grids also face forward but at an included angle. In both cases these tubes generate an averaged signal to generate a differential pressure signal that directly relates to volume flow. Standard Performance Data is available.

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Key Features Of Our X & UX Grids

  • Available in:
  • 8mm Dia Tube (MX8)
  • 16mm Dia Tube (MX16)
  • Fixed Length Allows On-Site Modification to suit Duct Size.
  • Economical Alternative to Wilson Flowgrids.
  • Quick & Easy to Install.
  • Suitable for Most Duct Locations.

[ – ] Specifications

Standard Sizes Available ø8mm – up to 715mm diagonal & 680mm Dia.
ø16mm – up to 1534mm diagonal & 1510mm Dia.
Uncertainty of Flow Measurement ±5.0% (can be obtained)
Magnification Factor (M) X-Grid – approx. 1.8
UX – Grid – approx. 1
Versions Available Standard and High Temperature Systems
Temperature Range Standard up to 80°C – High Temperature up to 850°C (680°C continuous)
Materials Stainless steel Grade BS3605 321 S18 tube supplied as standard also PVC, Polyurethane, Acetal plastics & Neoprene rubber.
Special Systems Bespoke systems manufactured to meet Customer specification

[ – ] Applications

  • Velocity Measurement
  • Volume Flow Measurement