CEGRIT Particulate Sampler

CEGRIT MK 2 Particulate Sampler


The CEGRIT is an Automatic Isokinetic Sampling device that has been used and developed, for over 50 years, to extract fly-ash and dust particle from boiler gas mixtures. Air borne gas particulates, from 5µm to 250µm, are extracted isokinetically even when stack gas velocity fluctuations occur during the extraction period. With no moving parts, CEGRIT was revolutionary in it’s concept. It is the most cost effective and efficient method of Automatic Isokinetic Sampling of air borne gas particulates. The system has a general capture efficiency of greater than 99% and maintains an efficiency of 95% even when measuring as low as 5µM, irrespective of boiler load conditions. The system requires no power (unless a heater jacket is required) to operate continuously. Apart from periodic emptying of replacing of the glass sample container, the system requires very little maintenance.

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Key Features of the CEGRIT MK 2

  • Visual means of checking sample condition while in operation
  • Robust construction and no moving parts making it extremely reliable
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • Self-regulating to within 12% of isokinetic conditions, from zero to max load
  • Sample capture efficiency rate – typically 99%
  • Proven technology over 50 years in service
  • NISIL coated cyclone for longer life of system
  • Positive flue pressure purge pipe available
  • A range of probe and nozzle sizes to suit different flue sizes and velocities

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  • Measuring / Monitoring Particulates within a boiler gas mixture