Velocity & Flow Calibration Rigs

Velocity & Flow Calibration Rig


The Sensing Precision Velocity & Flow Calibration Rig (VFCR) is designed for the calibration of Anemometers (both thermal and vane), Pitot tubes, Capture Hood, Yaw Probes and a variety of other small-scale aerodynamic experiments where the expense and complexity of an enclosed section of VFCR would not be justified We offer multiple solutions of our VFCRs, allowing the customer to taylor the design of the solution to their specific requirements.

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Key Features of our Velocity & Flow Calibration Rig

  • Performance Curves Supplied For ‘Orifice Plate Differential Pressure’ vs. ‘Face Velocity’.
  • Modular Design Affording Possibility to Upgrade / Retrofit.
  • Stable Speed Control Over Whole Range.
  • Hardened internal surface available for use with erosive media
  • Largely Assembled with Minimum Setup Required.


  • Available Assembly Solutions:
  • Jet Only Assembly.
  • Plenum Only Assembly.
  • Jet & Plenum Assembly.
  • Mini Rig With Jet Only & Without Orifce Plate Assembly.
  • Mounting Options:
  • Supplied Mounted to Aluminium Frame (Not Available on Mini Rig).
  • Supplied Without Frame.

[ – ] Specifications

Velocity Range 0.25 to 30.5 m/s (50 to 6,000 ft/min). (Can be upgraded to Max: 50m/s)
Volume Flow Range 20m³/hr to 2000m³/hr. (Can be upgraded to Max: 3600m³/hr)
Accuracies Curves Supplied Accurate to Within ±3% ±0.85% of Reading with On Site Calibration.
Standards ISO standards 5801:2007 and 5167-1:2003

[ – ] Applications

  • Calibration of Rotating Vane Heads
  • Calibration of Rotating Pitot Tubes
  • Calibration of Thermal Anemometers
  • Calibration of Any Velocity Device Within 5″ Dia’
  • Performance Testing of Air Flow Devices