Venturis can be used for the accurate measurement of total volume flow of air, in almost all conditions. And unlike other single point measuring devices, they are not susceptible to the errors that single point measuring devices are prone to. Our Venturis can be supplied as a plug and play device with minimal site installation and the design of our Venturi Devices provide the assurance that the total capture and sensing of the air volume flow is achieved.

Advantages over Orifice Devices

  • Venturis cause less overall pressure loss in a system and thus save energy
  • They do not have a sharp edge which, within an Orifice device, can become rounded
  • The sections of straight duct required either side of a Venturi are considerably shorter
  • Due to its rigid design it is more stable at higher temperatures and flow rates

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Key Features of our Venturis

  • Designed and manufactured to meet ISO 5167 and with an accuracy of ±1.0 % ensured
  • Accuracies of ±0.25 % can be achieved with further calibration of the finished product
  • Manufactured from a wide range of materials, ensuring stability in specified temperatures and erosive and corrosive conditions
  • Hardened internal surface available for use with erosive media
  • PTFE coating available for use with corrosive media (this coating is also used to stop media build ups)

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  • Highly Accurate Volume Flow Monitoring / Measurement