Yaw Probes

Yaw Probes


Yaw Probes are a universally accepted means of establishing the angle at which a stream of air is traveling, in a duct or stack, when used in conjunction with a suitably ranged manometer. The slim line design of our Yaw Probe minimizes the blockage effect of the device, and having a constant diameter along the nose and body means that it is only necessary to drill a small access hole to insert the Probe into the duct. The Nose is hemi-spherical and has two flat faces machined at 90° from each other, each of which has a perpendicular hole in allowing two-dimensional flow direction measurements to be obtained. The resultant pressure generated is known as the ‘Differential Pressure’ from which the media direction can be calculated.

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Key Features of our Yaw Probes

  • Available in Wide Range of Lengths.
  • Full Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Can Work With Temperatures Up To 550°C (1022°F).
  • Pointer On Tail Piece Shows Nose Direction.
  • Yaw Probe With Bent Profile & Tail Piece.
  • Straight Yaw Probe With No Tail Piece.

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  • Measuring Trajectory / Angle of Moving Air Stream