Jointed Pitot Tubes



Jointed Pitot Tubes are designed for use on larger sized ducts of up to 4.3m. These larger Pitots are manufactured and supplied in a jointed form consisting generally of 2 to 3 parts, a head section, middle section and tail section and are easily connected and made air tight using the two inner tubes and the special countersunk screws used to secure the assembly.
Smaller sized Jointed Pitot Tubes can be provided in an optional protective carry case.

Robust and easy to use construction
Compact design allows for easy storage and transportation
Complete with Carry Case
Supplied with a 90° 9.5mm diameter head or S-TYPE cast head with 32mm diameter body, in lengths to suit customers’ requirements

For specifications, see correlating datasheet of Pitot Type.

Velocity Measurement
Static Pressure Measurement
Volume Flow Measurement